RDL # 144: Dr. Richard Ledda | Learn By Doing

How can you learn anything new if you never try? In this episode with Dr. Richard Ledda we talked about embracing fear and leaning into things that scare you in life and business, and how it is integral to our growth! We also discussed the importance of living with a grateful heart and why Dr. Ledda feels inspired to give back to his profession. Dr. Ledda also shared his incredible story of motivation to become a Chiropractor as a teenager, what success means to him, and why he uses failure as feedback to keep moving his life forward. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Richard Ledda graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in December 2015 and joined Norwood Chiropractic Centre in January 2016. He was part of many technique clubs during school and has attended several seminars to continuously grow and learn. His family is a strong driving force for him and he has a passion to help as many people as he can to live better, healthier lives.  He is an award winner and host of The Chiro Inspired Podcast which is focused on inspiring Chiropractors and uniting the profession.  More importantly he is a loving partner, son, brother, uncle, and a dog dad to his puppy Hudson.