RDL #135: How Are You Going to Rock 2020? Ten Guests Share What They Learned Last Year

What did you learn in 2019, and how are you setting yourself up to rock 2020? Dr. Melissa Longo posed these questions to some of our favourite previous guests on the show and you will love their answers! Relationship tips, team strategies, habits to let go of, business stats to track, and so much wisdom and life lessons are shared by this group of Doctors. Tune in, get inspired, and set yourself up for success this year ahead.  

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Dr. David Fletcher: https://insightcla.com/about/ 

Dr. Devin Vrana: https://www.devinvrana.com/

Dr. Tracy Wilson: https://createyourwellness.com/

Dr. Jennifer Rozenhart: https://www.rozenhartchiro.com/us/

Dr. Stephen Franson: https://theremarkablepractice.com/

Dr. Janice Hughes: https://www.drjanicehughes.com/

Dr. Aura Tovar: https://www.dr-aura.com/

Dr. Dani Bai: https://closeforchiro.com/braintrust/

Dr. Ali Miller: https://www.familyhealthchiropractic.ca/ 

Dr. Tom Preston: https://fullcirclecoachingandconsulting.com/

Dr. Shawn Powers: https://drshawnpowers.com/