RDL #88: Dr. Nicole Lindsay

How can you build a business around the hobbies you enjoy and the lifestyle that you want? Dr. Nicole Lindsay shares her journey and how in the process of creating her practice she has learned how to hire great associates, connect with MD’s and build successful referral relationships, and how unexpected challenges helped transform her business.  We also discusses why she believes everything happens for a reason, how her business was impacted when she became a parent, and why she believes it’s so important to always listen to the voice within.

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Nicole Lindsey is a full-time chiropractor, wife, and mother of one 12-year-old girl and two four-legged fur babies. Dr. Lindsey is on a mission to bridge the gap between the Chiropractic and Medical Profession. Dr. Lindsey founded Dominate Chiromarketing in 2017, where she teaches Chiropractors how to build and maintain profitable relationships with MDs and other healthcare providers.