RDL #94: Dr. Alex Vidan

How can you work more collaboratively with other health professionals? Dr Alex Vidan shares his experience being team Chiropractor for the St Louis Cardinals and the St Louis Rams, and how his skills combined with consistent efforts being a health leader within his community provided him with these unique experiences. Dr Vidan shares the value of being persistent, learning fro your losses, and why it’s important to  remove ‘energy vampires’ from your life. We also discussed tips for working with your spouse, juggling being a parent with practice and international speaking, and how to do more of what you love!

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About our guest:

Dr. Alex Vidan has a vision for chiropractic that reaches far beyond his successful practice in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is an international speaker and chiropractic advocate.  Dr. Vidan served as a Team Physician and Chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals organization starting in 2010 and during their 2011 World Championship season.  Since 2008, he has been a contributor on health and wellness topics for Fox 2 News and has been in over 200 news segments.  In those segments he promotes our profession and encourages viewers to seek the care of a chiropractor…not just in his personal practice.

Dr. Vidan is married to fellow chiropractor Dr. Sara Vidan. The two met in undergrad at LSU and both went through chiropractic college together. After graduating in 2004, they started their practice together and then started their family soon after that. Drs Alex and Sara Vidan live in St Louis with their three wonderful children, Azaiah, Ambrielle, and Amelie.

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