RDL #149: Dr. Jennifer Anacker | Learn By DOING!

Does your life or practice feel stagnant? Are you willing to take a risk to try something new? Dr Jennifer Anacker shares her adventures in Chiropractic and how she merged her lifestyle desires with her business goals. From starting as an Associate to now operating two private family wellness practices, her 18 years of experiences, challenges and successes are inspiring. Dr. Anacker discusses her top tips for practice growth, why she believes boredom is destructive and how to turn your greatest challenges into your biggest successes. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Jennifer Anacker is a 2002 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate. She has gone on to start two successful practices in the Boise, Idaho area, where she has been at the forefront of pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care for the last 18 years. She has been a featured speaker for various chiropractic panels and organizations, as well as an expert guest on podcasts, radio programs, and the nightly news.