RDL #138: Dr. Brian Ferguson | Elevate Yourself & Your Profession!

What can you do to elevate the profession? Dr. Brian Ferguson shares his ideas from 27 years in practice, and why he believes staying inquisitive has been one of the secrets of his success – he even started asking questions during our interview! A strong team leader, Dr. Ferguson also discusses some of the key ways he has shaped an engaged and committed team within his practice, and why he decided to get involved in local and national Chiropractic organizations. 

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About Our Guest:

Dr. Brian Ferguson has been in private practice for 27 years and prides himself on offering his community solutions to health problems and fostering health promotion with an emphasis on Chiropractic care. In addition to his private practice he serves as Secretary on the Canadian National Alliance For Chiropractic, and lives a healthy active life with his wife Barb and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs.