RDM 004: Dr. Amy Robinson

Dr. Amy Robinson is a mom, wife and chiropractor with a passion for taking care of families.  Two years ago, she sold her practice in Ontario to move home to Nova Scotia with her husband and 2 pre-teen children to start all over in a place where her heart has always been.

In this interview with Dr Melissa Longo, Amy shares her love of chiropractic and her love of being present in the lives of her two children. Dr. Amy candidly shares the times she has felt overwhelmed managing both her family life and her practice, times she has been too hard on herself, and how she has learned to measure her success in practice differently with time and experience.

Dr Amy also discusses how she has simplified her life, the rituals she can’t live without, some of her key influencers, and why she believes self care and personal growth are the keys to growing a great practice.

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