RDL #153: Dr. Lise Cloutier | Make Your Vocation Your Vacation

Is it time to reinvent your life and practice? Dr. Lise Cloutier shares her story of relocating to the tropics to build the life and practice she always dreamed of, and how she has learned to simplify her practice style so that it aligned with where she wanted to prioritize her time. We also discussed the importance of creating a solid foundation or business values, taking risks and following your heart, and why you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

About Our Guest

Dr. Lise Cloutier, a 1995 graduate of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, has been a passionate & dedicated Chiropractor for 26 years. Ten years ago, Lise did the unthinkable or what most people only dream about…Ready for a change and wanting to buy back time with her then 7 & 11 year old sons, she left her successful Ottawa practice behind and relocated to the Turks & Caicos Islands, a place she had fallen in love with on a family vacation. Between her part time practice in a beautiful tropical setting, she’s living her « Rockstar »Life by Design-:)

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