RDL # 151: Dr. Monique Andrews | Science Is Sexy!

Can neuroscience be sexy? Dr. Monique Andrews thinks so! In this episode we discuss how her studies in neurology led her to a career in Chiropractic that included private practice, becoming teaching faculty, and starting a foundation. We also discussed some of Dr. Andrew’s ideas for working with your spouse, delegating tasks so that you can do more of what you love, and why taking care of ourselves is essential to thriving in business.

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About Our Guest: 

Monique Andrews, MS, DC, DNM is a chiropractor, neuroscientist and award winning speaker who has been teaching about chiropractic, the brain and the mind-body continuum for 20 years. She teaches internationally on topics such as the Neurophysiology of Subluxation, Neurodevelopment of the Pediatric Patient, Applying Polyvagal Theory in Clinical Practice and the connection between Chiropractic and Consciousness. Affectionately known as ‘Dr. Mo’, she is adored by students and docs for her ability to make even the most difficult concepts accessible. She is the CEO of Dr Mo Knows, an interactive Science and Communication Mastery program for chiropractors and chiropractic students. Last year Dr Mo co-founded The PRANA Foundation where she integrates western neuroscience with eastern spiritual practices to serve as a mentor facilitating masterminds and transformative retreats all over the world. Dr Mo’s mission is to help human beings transform through mentorship, education, community & love. Few people possess the expertise, presence and wisdom to make a meaningful impact on humanity. Dr. Mo is a rare gift.