RDM 069: Dr. Elizabeth Welch

Join me as I sit down with Dr. Elizabeth Welch’s to discuss her experience travelling abroad for 14 months and adjusting throughout the world, and her tips how to do it safely and successfully. We also cover why it’s important to trusting your intuition in both your personal and professional life and taking care of your own needs as a woman to stay physically and emotionally well for your practice and family.

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Elizabeth Welch, DC graduated from LCCW in 1998 and practices is Berkeley California. She taught philosophy and adjusting technique at LCCW for 10 years prior to having her son Leo who is soon to be 7 years old. She had the privilege of studying Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) with Dr. Sue Brown for almost 20 years and has been in the BGI teaching staff for 10 years. Elizabeth’s favorite part of being a chiropractor is teaching students and DCs to adjust osseously with confidence and ease regardless of body type or physical limitation. It is her belief that anyone can learn to be masterful with the art of osseous adjusting. She offers several different seminars for students and DCs in her office in Berkeley and has been perfecting her teaching style for over 20 years. Following graduation she traveled solo with her adjusting table to 14 countries over 14 months volunteering her services to refugees and impoverished communities around the world. Prior to chiropractic college she coached beginning to national level gymnastics for 15 years. Her years of gymnastics coaching has given her a unique eye to help budding Chiropractic masters find their center and their particular genius.”

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