RDM 031: Dr. Karen Osburn

Today’s conversation with a Rockstar Doctor Mom is a little different, with a Doctor who has used her experience in practice to transition into a different role impacting people’s lives in a powerful way.

Dr. Karen Osburn is a retired Chiropractor who walked away from her Practice of 14 years and a Network Marketing Business a year ago to go all in with her online Message and Movement with Women Wanting More. The Women Wanting More Podcast is currently at 825,000 downloads in just 18 months, and Karen’s raw and real podcast teaches Women how to have MORE in all areas of their Life. She lives in Victoria, BC, Canada with her super sexy and brilliant husband, Ed, their 2 young crazy boys, Tyson and Kai, 2 dogs, Lola and Karma, and works hard every day to make the world better by being fully who she is and leading women to do the same.

During this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo Karen shares how she intuitively connected to her purpose, some of the challenges and fears she faced in the process, and why she believes it’s so important for women to show up fully as themselves. She shares some of her personal rituals, why she believes she is a better mom when she has time away from her sons, and how she continues to create the life she wants for her family.

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