RDL #158: Dr. Peter Camiolo | Are You A Leader Worth Following?

Are You A Leader Worth Following? Being the CEO of your practice is not easy, but in this episode with Dr. Peter Camiolo we discuss some key leadership principles to help you build culture, focus on growth, and embrace the uncertainty of entrepreneurship. We also discussed why challenges test your values, how to follow you intuition, the value of rest, and how to remove interference from your life to get clear on what’s holding you back from success. 

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About Our Guest: Peter Camiolo, DC, is a chiropractor and coach for The Remarkable Practice and co-founder of The Remarkable CEO, a coaching system established to empower health practitioners to become the CEO of their business, transforming the traditional owner operator practice into a scalable, durable and transferable CEO led business. Prior to launching the Remarkable CEO, Dr Pete founded and served as clinician, investing more than a decade in private practice in the Nashville TN area, leading a highly successful family wellness practice. Through his journey in practice he developed the systems and procedures needed for his business to scale and flourish while in turn becoming the CEO, allowing him the personal freedom and time to invest in himself and his family and expand his business. Dr. Pete is passionate about equipping doctors with tools and training to elevate and soar to new levels of freedom and fulfillment in business and life through the application of the methods and tools he teaches. Dr Pete & his wife Mary reside in Franklin, TN with their 5 children.

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