RDL #74: Dr. Jack Wolfson

Should Chiropractors be the gatekeepers of family health? Join Dr. Jack Woflson and I, as we discuss why Chiropractors should be the gatekeepers of family health, and the lifestyle factors that need to be addressed to improve the health of the public. We also cover the definitions of success and how that evolves with life experience and growing children, and how to ‘cut out the fluff’, delegate, and focus on your priorities to maximize your business productivity. We also find out more about Dr. Wolfson’s holistic Cardiology practice and some of his top lifestyle recommendations for cardiovascular health.

Rock Your Life Tips:

“When you do the right thing, it tends to work out.” ~ Dr. Jack Wolfson

We all deal with struggles, with people who challenge us, and with fear and uncertainty in a variety of situations. If you live with integrity and are congruent with your values, the results are often rewarding.

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