RDM 011: Dr. Stephanie Estima

Dr. Stephanie Estima is a big-hearted, energetic, and compassionate healer dedicated to changing lives through chiropractic for the past 13 years.  She is the owner and clinic director of The Health Loft, a brain based chiropractic and wellness clinic in downtown Toronto, and loves educating and caring for families.  Stephanie is also the mother of two incredible children, and believes that becoming a parent, and the process of parenting every day has taught her more about love, respect, forgiveness, patience, curiosity, and  human potential than she could have imagined before having children.

In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Stephanie offers her passion for chiropractic, what keeps her inspired, and her tips for building a great team of people around her. Stephanie also openly shares how tragedy (most Doctors worst nightmare) became her greatest opportunity because it helped her realize she needed to make some serious changes in her life.

Like all of us, Stephanie is a busy mom and offers her best tips, rituals, and resources for making her family life and business life align with her values and dreams as an entrepreneur.

You don’t want to miss this interview with another Rockstar Doctor Mom!