RDM 029: Dr. Ali Miller

Dr. Ali Miller is a Chiropractor in her 15th year of practice with a strong affinity for women’s and children’s health and family wellness. Dr. Ali leads a balanced chiropractic lifestyle incorporating exercise, clean eating and meditation. It is her mission to raise the level of health in her community and she thrives on sharing information and inspiring change. Dr. Ali and her husband Adam live in Bolton with their three well-adjusted daughters Riley, Bailey and Zoe.

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo Ali talks about how she prioritizes her time, why she loves practice more everyday, the unique perspective she has learned from some of her mentors, and some of her best strategies for growing a family wellness practice.

As a mother of 3 active daughters, Ali shares how she continues to create practice that works for her family life and allows her to be flexible with the changing demands of her growing girls, how she makes time for herself, and why she believes women need to give themselves grace and trust themselves more.

Another great conversation with a Rockstar Doctor Mom!

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