RDL #175: Dr. Brian Dower | Bringing Mindfulness Into Your Life & Practice

What exactly is mindfulness and why is it so valuable to your life in clinical practice? In this conversation with Dr. Brian Dower we learn about how recovering from a hand injury helped him discover a new direction for his expertise, and what his transition from clinical practice taught him. Dr. Dower also shares his best tips for practising mindfulness and building emotional resilience, how to make it a simple part of daily life, and why it’s an important tool to avoid burnout in clinical practice.  

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About Our Guest: Dr. Brian Dower led a thriving chiropractic practice in downtown Toronto for close to twenty years until a career-changing injury compelled him to take the advice he’d been giving his patients for years and advance his own mindfulness practice to deal with the disruption in his life. Now a certified trainer of Unified Mindfulness techniques and the founder of his own mindfulness training company, Dr. Brian offers classes, one-on-one coaching, corporate workshops, and destination retreats to those who are looking to enhance their personal skills of concentration, clarity, and equanimity through mindfulness.

Dr. Brian’s goal? To introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of a mindful life that’s characterized by clear perception, tranquillity, and contentment.

Connect with Dr. Brian Dower: https://lumenmindfulness.ca/