Confidence & Clarity – Do You Have It?

I had a great conversation with Dr. Kristina Stitcher, you’ll have to wait to hear the entire episode, but check out this quick video where we discussed the best way to increase your confidence and clarity.

Hint: it starts with DOING not just dreaming.

Money Mindset To Rock Your Business & Life!

It’s a special week on RDL! Two shows, 2 different Financial Advisors to share their best tips on money matters.

Justin Martin talks about some of the common myths he observes with his clients, what to look for when choosing an advisor, and his favorite way to teach children to manage their money. Check it out!

Quick Tip About MONEY!

You’ll have to check out the full episode but for now watch this brief video with Financial Advisor Galen Nuttall on something all Docs can do to keep more of their income!

How Do You Define Success For Yourself?

You’ll have to listen to the full episode to hear ALL the great topics that came up in this interview with Dr. Skip Wyss but listen to this quick video about defining success based on WHO you are and how you want to live…

Are You Sleeping With Your Eyes Open?

Are you just going through the motions of running your practice or looking after your family without pausing to remember why? ?

This is a common conversation I have with my clients, and there is one thing I often say:

Stay engaged in life! ??

Dr. Ben Lerner Talks About What Keeps Him Inspired

This podcast episode to be released later this fall, but if you want to start your week with some inspiration watch the video! Dr Ben Lerner shares how he prioritizes his time, leads his team and so much more …

One Simple Thing Can Create a Big Shift

Check out this quick video from an upcoming podcast episode with Dr.Matt Bradbury where we talked about 1 simple thing he’s done that has made a big shift in his practice!

Check Out My Happy Place

Can you create a rockin’ practice in a small space? You bet you can.

My Interview on The Chiropractic Philanthropist

Always interesting for me when the table is turned and I’m not the one asking questions! We had a great discussion on this show today – check it out ??