Breaking the Rules

This quick video is about why I’m breaking my weekend rule…

Spizz & Spa Retreat hosted by The League of Chiropractic Women

I recently had a chance to have a conversation with Dr. Heather Gullett Denniston about the upcoming Spizz & Spa Retreat. Here it is!

My Interview with Dr. Dan Bai

Love having conversations with other Docs who are creating tremendous value for others! Thanks for having me on your show Dan! ???

From Dr. Dan Bai:

” On the AIR with Dr. Melissa Longo with Rock Star Doctor Life Podcast! What DO YOU really WANT? Are you chasing the WRONG thing? “

My Interview with Dr. Aura Tovar

I had a great time chatting with Dr Aura Tovar on her show last week!

From Dr. Aura Tovar:

“The Get Naked show with Dr. Melissa Longo was full of tips on purpose, clarity and that dirty word “balance” yes, she was awesome as usual and you can find her podcast at ????

Thank you for watching and commenting, please keep sharing and posting questions and we will get to it ???

Bless up and have a grateful Wednesday!”

NEW! Events Listing!

Have you found yourself wondering what seminars or conferences were coming up when trying to plan your continuing education hours? We’ve tried to make it a little easier for you.

My Assistant Lora created a killer events page on the Rockstar Doctor Life website! 

If your event is listed, please take a minute to verify the details. 
If you have an event you’d like us to list, get in touch!

Stagnation is Destructive! Stay Engaged in Life & Practice

This week’s podcast episode has a video version too! Check out this conversation with Dr. Josh Handt!

Stay Open To New Ideas

My lesson from this morning’s podcast guests.

Rockstar Doctor Life

Happy Friday! In production mode and I’m reminded how much I love doing this show

THANK YOU for your feedback and reviews, they are always appreciated! 

A thought for your weekend, and not surprisingly a topic of conversation on both interviews I did this afternoon… 

HOW CAN YOU DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY? In practice, in life, and with your family?