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RDM 022: Dr. Danielle Eaton

Dr. Danielle Eaton is a chiropractor in St. Louis, Missouri.  She’s also a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  Most of all, she’s a wife and mom to two little girls who are 5 and 2, and stepmom to a 13 year old step daughter.

In this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Danielle shares her journey in Chiropractic which has included private practice, a sports residency, teaching at Logan University, and even doing it all simultaneously after her first daughter was born! Danielle candidly shares why she gave much of it up to focus on motherhood, privately mentor other women, and run a smaller, simpler practice. With a background in business and marketing, Danielle also offers her best tips for growing a business, effective planning, and some of the rituals she finds are most effective to stay grounded and focused.

A great conversation with another Rockstar Doctor Mom!

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RDM 021: Distractions Don’t Have To Get You Down!

As moms there are so many demands on our time, and with the different roles we play it’s easy for there to be distractions from our attention being exclusively focused on our businesses. On this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses her tips for working with these distractions and how to set yourself up with realistic expectations and successful outcomes.

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RDM 020: Dr. Haydene Lee

Dr. Haydene Lee is a 1992 CMCC grad and operates her own practice, Bayview North Family Chiropractic since 1993 in Richmond Hill.  During this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo Haydene shares her experience in 20 years of practice, what she believes are some of the key habits for growth and success, and how she kept both herself and her marriage strong the entire time.

As a mother to two boys aged 18 and 21 Haydene recently became an empty nester. Haydene openly shares her experiences with having her children move on with their own lives, how it affected her personally, and why it ultimately prompted her to seek a new opportunity professionally. In May she joined VitalityMD is a boutique integrative health centre in Midtown and currently practices at both locations.

Lots of great ideas in this conversation with another Rockstar Doctor Moms!

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RDM 019: Dr. Autumn Gore

Dr. Autumn Gore is a wife, mama, Chiropractor, writer, mentor, international speaker and down home girl, and lives her life radically committed to love. She spends her days serving in the Café of Life Dallas with her husband, Tom and their associates, with their primary focus centred around waking people up to their own Innate power to heal, grow and thrive.  Autumn believes her purpose is to be the catalyst that ignites people to find the strength and be led by their own inner voice, and is committed to learning, applying and teaching the vitalistic principles of life.

During this conversation with Dr. Melissa Longo, Autumn talks about how becoming a Chiropractor helped her find her voice, why she believes that practice development starts with personal development, and why it’s so important for women to define their success by tuning into their instincts and accept themselves fully.

Like many women, Autumn shares how some of her toughest struggles have helped her gain more clarity about what she truly wants, and opens up about how both her sense of self and her practice have evolved with each of her three children.

An inspiring and insightful conversation with another Rockstar Doctor Mom!

RDM 018: Don’t Let Detours Stop You!

Life as a mom, doctor, and business owner will present us with challenges or ‘detours’ rather consistently. How do you handle a change in routine, an unforeseen twist in your plans? Will you get rerouted and find a different way to continue on? Or do you get completely derailed because the presenting challenge is too much for you?

Avoiding challenges is impossible, but we can always turn tricky situations into some of our greatest opportunities. Life’s detours are inevitable, it’s how we continue on that allows us to triumph.

In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo discusses surefire ways to get yourself back on track if life’s unexpected moments threaten to throw you off course, how to stay focused on what your business and family needs, and the best resources to support you.

RDM 017: Dr. Carolyn Griffin

Dr. Carolyn Griffin is a 1995 graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and is in full-time practice in Santa Clarita, California. Caring for patients and beyond, Dr. Griffin has a strong presence in her community, sharing knowledge and health guidance with more than just her practice. She founded her signature event, ReVivify, where women discover how to balance work and family while prioritizing their own health, well-being and happiness.

As a fitness competitor, wife, and mother of two school-aged children, Dr. Griffin knows what it means when it comes to a busy schedule and active life. Even with a full calendar that include all of her personal and professional commitments, Dr. Griffin still finds time to give back to her community and to the Chiropractic profession.

In this interview with Dr. Melissa Longo, Carolyn talks about what keeps her passionate about Chiropractic, how she continues to grow her practice, and how following her instincts has led her to create an amazing lifestyle that fulfills her as a business owner and mom. Carolyn also openly shares what prompted her to make some dramatic changes in her life, and why she believes taking care of ourselves as women is crucial to success in all areas of our lives.