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RDM 005: Lead Your Families

Are you feeling like you’re doing it ALL? That things are not balanced within your family unit, you’re doing more of the work, and you’re a little tired of it? In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares her strategy for powerfully shifting your mindset so that you can see your role within your family a…

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RDM 004: Dr. Amy Robinson

Dr. Amy Robinson is a mom, wife and chiropractor with a passion for taking care of families.  Two years ago, she sold her practice in Ontario to move home to Nova Scotia with her husband and 2 pre-teen children to start all over in a place where her heart has always been. In this interview…

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RDM 003: 5 Tips To Rock Your Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of celebration, joy and so much fun! But for many moms it’s also a time of added stress with more cooking, baking, gift wrapping, concerts, shopping, and entertaining to do – while still parenting, working, trying to make time to take care of themselves, and running their business! This…

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RDM 002: Can You Reach A Little Higher?

Where in your life are you playing it a little too safe and comfortable? Are you grabbing the ‘low-hanging fruit’ or reaching for what’s hanging higher above? Sharing a personal experience with her son, Dr. Melissa Longo discusses how playing it safe can leave you missing out on some of your best achievements, successes, and…

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RDM 001: What Kind Of Practice Do You Really Want?

What kind of practice do you really want? Are you clear on the size, quality, type of care and outcomes you want to create for both your patients and your family? You really do get to decide, but too often we don’t stop and consider this during the different stages of our practice life, and…

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RDM 000: Kickoff! The ‘Why’ Behind This Podcast & The Story About Why it Matters For Doctor Moms

What is this new podcast for moms in practice all about? What topics will be covered? Who is Dr. Melissa Longo and what’s her story? It’s all here in this initial episode with Dr. Melissa Longo. You’ll hear the personal story behind why this show was created, why it’s important to moms juggling business and…

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