#4 – Perfection Is Paralyzing

Where in your life are you stuck aiming for perfection?  You are designed to make an impact in your role as a health care professional, and as a human! In this episode Dr. Melissa Longo shares why ‘done is always better than perfect’ and how to reframe your thinking when focusing on getting things ‘perfect’ creates a barrier from really achieving what you desire in your health, relationships or business. 

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#3 – Why NOT you? | Your Message Matters!

Suffering from Self Doubt? Feeling like an Imposter? Afraid to share your message of health with others because of how it may be received? You are not alone. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of yourself you’ll need to hear this episode with Dr. Melissa Longo today. She shares why your uniqueness is crucial to helping others, how to give yourself permission to shine, and why failure is essential to keep moving yourself and your business forward and the best way to refocus yourself if you find these thoughts running through your mind.

Want to connect with Dr. Melissa Longo? We’d love to hear from you! drm@drmelissalongo.com

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