#30: Justin Hyde | Living By Your Values, The Power of Movement & Finding Your Voice

Are you living according to your values and are they reflected in your work? 

In this conversation with Movement Specialist Justin Hyde we hear about his transition from working as a foreman in a construction company to a lifestyle coach that inspires others, and how he has healed his own physical health in the process. Justin also shares why he has learned to follow his instincts, what moves him to take action In his life and business, and how he continues to find his voice to impact his community.

About Our Guest:

Justin Hyde is a holistic fitness and lifestyle coach who helps people in their pursuit of optimal health and happiness. He grew up with many health challenges that eventually inspired him to take his health into his own hands. Once he healed himself, he dedicated his life to helping and inspiring others to do the same after attending the Chek institute for corrective exercise kinesiology and holistic lifestyle coaching. Justin works as a personal trainer; his philosophy about exercise is to expand the potential of the body by strengthening the muscles in their full potential and that you leave each session with more energy than you came. Exercise is a fantastic tool that can help harmonize your hormones and improve how you feel daily. Justin believes that creating lasting change it’s a journey of compassionate self-discovery. He doesn’t try to fit anyone in a box. Quite the opposite, he helps his clients design a lifestyle around their values, so they feel empowered to achieve their goals and enjoy the process. 

Connect with Justin on Instagram  @thepursuit.with.justin

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