35: Lisa Maric | Going For Your Dreams, Creating Culture & Evolving With Your Business

Does your business serve your community? In this conversation with Lisa Maric we learn about the motivation behind her business, Distilled Beauty Bar and Social House, and how it’s roots lie in creating something beneficial for her community. Lisa also shares her top tips for customer service, how to refocus by taking time off, and why she believes sometimes we need to park our ego to keep growing ourselves and our businesses. 

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About Our Guest: 

Born is 1967 in a small town outside of Montreal, Quebec, Lisa Maric has reinvented herself and redefined her creative and business life several times. A proud mother of two boys, and married for 27 years to the love of her life, she believes Entrepreneurship runs in her veins and there is nothing she won’t try.  She worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for 15 years, was a professional dog walker, and now owns and operates the most unique beauty bar in Canada!  Her passion is her family and  friends, and having recently built an animal sanctuary in Croatia, Lisa says her future holds a life of service to fur babies in need. You can connect with her at Distilled Beauty Bar.