#28: Victoria Salerno | Following the Fire Within, Investing In Yourself & Mindset Shifts That Can Change Your Life

Are you listening to that fire inside you that is calling for a change?  In this conversation with Victoria Salerno we chat about  how this mom of two is making good things happen! We hear about how investing in herself and making some changes to her health habits has helped shift her mindset, and given her more energy to get creative and expand her career aspirations. We also hear about intentional practices that help start her day so she can focus on the tasks that are most important. You’ll want to tune to hear how she used the fire within her to have real conversations about motherhood to start a business, what inspires her to keep moving, and her tips for navigating life with a young family without mom-guilt. 

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About Our Guest:

Victoria Salerno is a new mom coach, a certified infant sleep coach, published author, and mom of two. After obtaining her university degree and postgraduate programs, Victoria went on to spend the first 10+ years of her career climbing the corporate ladder in PR and marketing. When she had her first baby in 2019, she couldn’t see passed how moms were jolted into their new role with little credible and inclusive guidance. She’s made it her life’s mission to fill the transitional gap with heart-centered support so new moms can be onboarded with a strong foundation, as they begin their new, lifelong, motherhood journey.

Connect with Victoria on Instagram @vivivictorious, or find out about her upcoming programs at https://www.victoriaryan.ca/