38: Chris-Anne Donnelly | Intuition, Intention & Doing Business Differently

If you used your intuition more, would that change your business?  In this conversation with International best-selling author Chris-Anne Donnelly we hear why, and how, being intentional with  choices and tapping into our internal guidance can transform our lives and businesses. We also discuss her shift from running a branding and design agency for 15 years, to creating oracle and tarot decks, offering intuitive strategy sessions and courses for entrepreneurs who want to be more intentional about their life and business. With humour and wit, we also hear personal stories from her life about taking risks, creating boundaries in business, why she believes fear is killer of creativity, and how to imbue more magic in your sales and marketing.  

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About Our Guest:

Chris-Anne Donnelly is a deck creator, artist, and magic-maker, as well as a marketing strategist and owner of Pixelbrand–a branding and graphic design company. She has successfully Kickstarted three independent card decks: The Sacred Creators OracleThe Light Seer’s Tarot, and The Muse Tarot and she offers unique courses for creators that combine marketing and branding with manifestation and intuition. Connect with her on instagram @pixiecurio