34: Brandon Houston | The Power of Risk Taking, Building Community & Relentless Curiosity

How comfortable are you embracing failure? In this conversation with Entrepreneur and Town Councillor Brandon Houston we discuss the power of failure and why risk-taking is an imperative trait as a business owner, and human being! Brandon shares his thoughts and experiences from 20 years of entrepreneurial life and his new political role, and what helps him shift roles and manage his time. We also discussed how his curiosity, love of learning, self reflection, and creative pursuits support his business projects, and why leaning into our values is one of the keys to our ongoing evolution.

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About Our Guest: Brandon Houston has been an entrepreneur for two decades and has started, grown, sold, and acquired multiple businesses. His most recent venture, The Collingwood Foundry, is a co-working community built around the idea of support and collaboration for entrepreneurs in the Collingwood area. As a mentor, he spends his time helping small businesses through their challenges and stages of growth. As a community builder, he’s passionate about connecting entrepreneurs to each other and the resources they need to succeed not only in their business but in their life as well.

You can connect with him at brandon@collingwoodfoundry.com